Get to know and “taste” Brno

Listed below are benefits and discounts granted to the holders of the MUNI 100 Festival tickets for students, employees and alumni of Masaryk University.

Tourist attractions, landmarks and institutions

These benefits apply during the weekend of 14–16 June 2019, subject to the submission of a special brochure. These are single-use benefits.

Old Town Hall tower – 50% discount on admission fee

A bent spire and a crocodile; those are the main features of the Old Town Hall, the oldest secular building in the city. However its biggest attraction requires climbing 63 meters and offers a splendid view of the city. Check out Brno’s roofs from up above.

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Church of St. James Ossuary – 30% discount on admission fee

The full Brno experience requires seeing what it offers down below. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the ossuary at the Church of St. James, with the remains of approximately 50,000 people (the second largest ossuary in Europe).

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Mint Master’s Cellar – 30% discount on admission fee

A history lesson is waiting for you underneath Dominikánské náměstí, featuring an exhibition of minting in Brno and Moravia and the historical development of the area. An experienced mint master can be seen here hard at work once in a while.

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Brno Zoo – 50% discount on admission fee

For quite a while now, Brno and polar bears are a popular combination. Opened in 1953, the Brno Zoo has a history of cooperation with Masaryk University. Take a walk or ride a mini- train around enclosures with bears, wolves, kangaroos, birds and many more. Now doesn’t that sound like a perfect trip?

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Technical Museum Brno – 50% discount on admission fee

Do you like technology more than you like conventional art? Then the Technical Museum Brno is the right option for you. Seventeen permanent displays and “Technical Playroom” present technology in a fun and friendly way, no matter how old you are.

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Letohrádek Mitrovských – 50% discount on admission fee

What do the Freemasons, pineapple and Brno have in common? A romantic villa named Letohrádek Mitrovských (literally, “summer house of Mitrovský”), which calls itself “a romantic villa hidden in the shadows of Brno jungle”. Its premises are used for cultural events but it also offers an exhibition of old dollhouses.

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Museum of Romani Culture – 50% discount on admission fee

The Museum of Romani Culture documents the culture of the Roma and their individual subgroups and communities. It is the only institution of its kind in Europe. In addition to permanent exhibitions is offers intercultural events to facilitate communication and to eliminate xenophobia and racism. Come engage in a dialogue of cultures.

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Löw-Beer Villa – 50% discount on admission fee

The Art Nouveau villa once owned by the Jewish industrialist Alfred Löw-Beer offers tours of the interiors and an exhibition focused on the Brno bourgeoisie, architecture and lifestyle in the second half of the 19 th century. On the way back to the city center, check out the residential borough of Černá pole or the famous Schodová street.

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Dietrichstein Palace – 50% discount on admission fee

Built in 1618 as a court building, the Dietrichstein Palace is now one of the buildings used by the Moravian Museum – in fact, its main exhibition building. Its exhibitions are focused on paleontology and mineralogy. Visitors can find on display archaeological finds from prehistory and early Middle Ages.

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Bishop’s Courtyard – 50% discount on admission fee

The Bishop’s Courtyard is also part of the Moravian Museum’s premises, including the famous courtyard which, every summer, becomes a popular venue for concerts, dance performances and theatrical performances. You can also visit the surrounding buildings which feature permanent exhibitions of money and medals or the fauna and mushrooms found in Moravia.

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Palace of Noble Ladies – 50% discount on admission fee

Formerly a charity facility for derelict noble and burgher young women, it is now the seat of the Ethnographic Institute of the Moravian Museum. It features a chapel with Late Baroque frescos by Josef Stern from 1756. The premises are used for exhibitions, lectures and occasional concerts.

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Anthropos – 50% discount on admission fee

Anthropos is a favorite destination for school trips, sometimes even for high schoolers. All children and students regardless of age will find something interesting here in terms of the history of human civilization, with smaller exhibitions focused on primates and genetics. Even though the exhibitions have become interactive, most visitors come for the life-sized mammoth.

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Leoš Janáček Memorial – 50% discount on admission fee

Composer Leoš Janáček is a key Brno personality. An exhibition focused on his life and work can be found in a house where Janáček lived from 1910 until his death in 1928. An interactive exhibition can be found in his office.

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Jiří Gruša Centre – 50% discount on admission fee

The name of the building refers to Jiří Gruša, Czech diplomat, critic and politician. His archive became the foundation stone for a collection focused on the history of totalitarian regimes.

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Villa Stiassni – 15% discount on guided tour

Built in 1929 for a family of the same name, it was known for many years as a “government residence” where many prominent guests visiting Brno would stay, including our presidents. Since 2014 it is accessible as a tourist attraction, offering tours of the interiors or its gardens.

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Špilberk Castle – 10% discount on admission fee

The Špilberk Castle is the dominant feature of the skyline of Brno and, therefore, its photos and postcards. It hosts celebrations, exhibitions, concerts and many events. The tour of the castle includes its lookout tower and former jail cells. The castle is a must-see for every visitor.

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Toy Museum – 10% discount on admission fee

The Toy Museum in the Měnín Gate proves that even adults can find toys interesting. While they look back at their childhood, children can learn about the toys their grandparents used to have.

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Moravian Gallery Brno – free admission

The Moravian Gallery in Brno is the second largest art museum in the Czech Republic. It offers the entire spectrum of art, from paintings and photographs to graphic design and architecture. The free admission only applies to permanent exhibitions in the Pražák Palace and Místodržitelský palác.

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The Brno House of Arts – free admission

The Brno House of Arts has played a key role in connecting artists and the general public for more than 100 years. Its exhibitions are focused on contemporary art and present-day creators. If offers a variety of installations with drawings and paintings, statues, audiovisual creations or technologies. The free admission also applies to the House of the Lords of Kunštát.

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Meeting Brno: Brno Liberated? exhibition – free admission

Exhibition in the underground next to the Red Army Soldier monument at Moravské náměstí.

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Gastronomy benefits

Students, employees or alumni may use these benefits on Sunday (16 June), unless otherwise stated.

OCEAN48 seafood festival – CZK 100 bonus on your first credit

Brought to Brno by OCEAN48, the favourite festival of fish and seafood is once again coming to Kraví hora in Brno on 16 June. Fresh tuna, salmon, octopi or shrimp in a variety of recipes. Visitors of our festival will be entitled to a CZK 100 bonus with their first credit of at least CZK 500.

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Rebelbean Vlněna – buy one coffee, get one free

They became famous for their coffee roasting, and now you can visit their booth at our gastro zone at the festival. Their café in Vlněna offers desserts, snacks, toasts or bagels, not to mention their famous coffee. The benefit is valid until 30 June.

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Rebelbean Veslařská – buy one, get one free

They became famous for their coffee roasting, and now you can visit their booth at our gastro zone at the festival. Their unique espresso bar at Veslařská features a store selling coffee accessories, freshly roasted coffee and gifts, as well as a selection of wines, beer or chocolates, not to mention their amazing coffee. The benefit is valid until 30 June.

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Pivovarská Starobrno – order three items, get one free (on meals or beer)

Beer and traditional Czech cuisine are a great combination. The Starobrno brewery offers one, from finger food to main dishes. Its benefit “3+1” applies to beer and meals. The cheapest item on your check is free.

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U Lucerny (restaurant) – free Starobrno Medium .5L with main dish

Veveří street is known for its restaurants and pubs. U Lucerny offers the best of the Czech and world cuisine, should you be hungry after the weekend festival programme. The restaurant is conveniently located near the Česká public transportation terminal. If you buy a main dish here you will get a .5L Starobrno Medium beer for free.

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Zlatá loď (restaurant) – buy one beer, get one free (same kind)

The largest restaurant in the centre of Brno has three storeys and offers traditional and special dishes in traditional and modern premises. If you order a beer, you will get one for free.

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Železná růže (restaurant) – free Starobrno Medium beer with main dish (at least CZK 120)

If you do not feel like walking all the way to the centre, there is a restaurant close to the trade fairs – Železná růže. Listed on the menu are traditional Czech dishes, fish, meat served on wooden boards or finger food served with beer. This benefit applies to two persons.

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Šelepka (restaurant and club) – 10% discount on the entire menu

Situated in a park close to the Moravian Library is Šelepka, an amazing restaurant and popular club. While the latter frequently hosts concerts, dances and other cultural events, the restaurant is a food lover’s experience. Winner of the 2018 Gourmet Brno Award will not disappoint. Thanks to our benefit you are entitled to a 10% discount. Enjoy.

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Siam Thai (restaurant) – 10% discount on the entire menu

There is a piece of Thailand a few steps away from the Faculty of Arts. Siam Thai offers the best of Thai cuisine, including rice, noodles, shrimp, seafood, ginger or cilantro – fresh and mixed in perfect combinations. If you want to try something new, this is your chance.

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How to claim the benefits and discounts?

To claim the benefits and discounts, you will need a special brochure issued upon the submission of a printed or electronic ticket.

Get your brochure, as of 13 May, at:

  • Scala University Cinema (Moravské nám. 3, Brno)
  • Bohunice University Campus, reception (Kamenice 5, Brno)
  • Masaryk University headquarters (Žerotínovo nám. 9, Brno)
  • the entrance to BVV during the festival

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